Around the holidays is the absolute best time for fun winter dates.  There are so many different things to do whether it be with your new crush, boyfriend, or even your BFF.  Most are pretty inexpensive too which is always a plus! Here are a few dates that are perfect for breaking you and your date into the Christmas spirit!

  • Since spending a lot of money to go out on an actually date isn’t always an option, spending a night at home can be just as fun!  Baking Christmas cookies and watching your fav Christmas movies isn’t too bad of an idea!Chelsea Crockett - Christmas Lights
  • Around my area, we have a ton of neighborhoods/houses that go all out for Christmas decorating.  Wait till it gets dark out, make some hot chocolate to-go, and go for a drive to look at all the lights and decorations!
  • I’ve heard this a bunch of times but haven’t actually tried it out myself!  People say volunteering with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a good way to not only help your community but to get to know them better as well.  Maybe go shopping for a toy drive or volunteer somewhere to spread some holiday cheer!
  • Search online for any Christmas festivals or celebrations going on around your area.  I know where I’m from we have different Christmas events going on all throughout December!
  • Buy tickets for a Christmas play or concert.  Instead of the typical movie theater date, switch it up and go to a holiday play!  You can even go on a nice dinner before, dress up, and enjoy your night together!

I hope you and your date have an awesome holiday season! 🙂

XO – Chelsea