College Starter Pack

For those of you that just graduated high school, you will all soon be going your separate ways and following your different paths.  Whether your friends are going to college close to home or moving into a school across the country, everyone could use a college starter pack to take along with them!  It’s a perfect gift idea for upcoming grad parties. That being said, here’s what you’ll need to put in it!

  • Gum.  Chelsea Crockett - Freshman Starter KitOkay, but really… You can never have too many packs of gum, especially as a college student!  Having gum at-hand to pop in during class or after the dining hall is essential!
  • A pic of you and them.  Get your favorite picture of you and them developed for them to put it up somewhere in their dorm room.  You can even frame it so they can use it as decoration!
  • Advil.  This is essential considering your mom won’t be there to take care of you when you get sick!  It helps to start you off with some medicine in case you get a head or stomach ache.
  • An adhesive phone pocket.  If you don’t know what these are, they’re a stick-on pocket you stick to the back of your phone.  This is perfect for holding your dorm access keys, college ID, money, etc.
  • Microwavable meals/snacks.  These are crucial!  Having food you can make right in your dorm are one of the most important must-haves of college.  Late night snacks will come in handy!

I hope this makes your college transition a little easier! 🙂

Love, Chelsea

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