It’s graduation season ladies and gentlemen, which means lots of graduation ceremonies, parties, and gifts!  If you have a lot of graduation parties to attend, the gifts can get pretty expensive and start to add up.  Here are a few DIY gift ideas that are just as good as any other graduation gift but won’t break the bank!

  • DIY canvas.Chelsea Crockett - Canvas  I know this might seem pretty basic, but creating a canvas to match your friend’s dorm room is a fun, artsy gift!  You can add her favorite saying, verse, quote, etc. like the picture on the right.
  • High school scrapbook.  If you guys were close in high school, ask your friends to put together a page to add to a scrapbook for her!  You and your friends can even all go in on it together.  It’s thoughtful and memorable!
  • A bracelet/necklace/keychain with their school’s colors.  There are so many Etsy DIY accessories that you can customize to say certain things or be a certain color.  Customize it to have her name on it or her class year and her future school’s colors!
  • Freshman year survival kit.  Everyone could use one of these!  You basically put together a basket, or “kit,” filled with different essentials every freshman needs such as pencils, snacks, band-aids, etc.
  • College gear.  I know when I left for college, I wanted every shirt, sweatshirt, bumper sticker, etc. that my school had to offer!  Order something online or check out the college’s bookstore for a cute shirt or other souvenirs!

Which idea is your favorite?  Let me know in the comment section below!

XOXO – Chelsea