Coachella: one of the world’s largest music festivals in the history of EVER!  I was lucky enough to get to go and experience it myself last year and lemme tell ya… it was incredible!  Since I was a first-timer, I learned some things that I would and wouldn’t do again.  Here are a few Coachella do’s and don’ts!


  • Do drink plenty of water!  Since you’ll be in the middle of a 100-degree weather desert, you’re going to get very hot, very fast.  Staying hydrated will keep you refreshed and happy!
  • Do keep your phone plenty charged.  If you ever do get separated from your friends, you’ll need to be able to find them!  You’ll also be taking plenty of pics and videos… I mean, it is Coachella! 
  • Do stay well rested and well fed.  You’ll enjoy Coachella 10x more if you have a full stomach and plenty of sleep! 


  • Don’t get lost from your friends. Chelsea Crockett - Coachella Outfit In a festival filled with thousands and thousands of people, it’s easy to get separated from your group.  That being said, it can be extremely hard to find them again, especially if your phone service isn’t the greatest.  Stay close to them or have a buddy system!
  • Don’t dress uncomfortably.  Now I know Coachella is known for the stylish festival outfits, but you can be both cute and comfy such as the picture on the right!  You’ll be outside in the sun and walking around all day so dress accordingly (especially with the right shoes!).
  • Don’t last-minute plan.  It’s one of the biggest, and not to mention most crowded, festivals of the year… PLAN AHEAD!

Coachella will be one of the best experiences of your life, hands down!  Have fun and take these do’s and don’ts into consideration!

XOXO – Chelsea