Hey ladies! Summer’s right around the corner and your summer body can be, too!  As I said in my “How to Prepare for Summer” video, getting and staying in shape isn’t hard at all with a little motivation and dedication!

            Eating right is one of the main steps in order to staying healthy.  Instead of potato chips, I recommend veggie chips!  They contain a far less amount of calories and are a healthy snack that tastes just as good.  If you like to cook, I suggest using almond or walnut oil in substitute to vegetable oil. Eat many fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water!  It will help keep your face clear and keep you hydrated.  Water also energizes you because it absorbs the minerals and keeps them in your body for a longer amount of time.

            Chelsea Crockett - RunningThe biggest step to getting that summer body is exercise.  A few of my favorite exercises are jumping lunges, donkey kicks, sky jumps, and a few others which you can check out in the video below.  As for cardio workouts, try running, walking, or riding your bike.  They’re all great exercises that’ll shape you up for summer!

            That’s all there is to it insiders!  Get out there and get fit for summer!  Motivate yourself and don’t give up!