Prioritizing God is a priority in itself.  For me, I always try to put God above everything else in my life, whether it be my friends, my relationship, school, etc.  Although it can be hard, it is so so important and you will see the benefits of knowing God on a deeper level!  Here are a few ways that work for me when I’m struggling with prioritizing God!

  • Set your eyes on the prize and know that you have an amazing reward waiting for you in heaven.  If you think about standing before God one day, you’ll want to truly know him on such a deep and personal level!
  • Set your focus and write it on paper.  I fully believe that writing something down will truly help you stick to it.  Focus on your spiritual goals and how you want to grow in your faith, then write it down!
  • Schedule your time each day or week, and again, write it down.  If you have a planner, write down when you’ll spend time with God each day.  It will really help you stick to your plan and get in your quiet times daily! 🙂
  • Set up accountability.  Accountability is so much more important than you realize.  Go out of your way to find someone that will check up on you and make sure you’re putting God first.  Sometimes having a little extra help isn’t a bad thing!

I hope this helps you figure out how you can put God first in your life!

XOXO – Chelsea