As most of you know, I am back from college. But, when I was there, money was a worry for me, and I know it is a big worry for my friends who are in school. College is crazy expensive as we all know. How do you save money when you have to pay for textbooks, food, tuition, and more! Having a job is almost a must, and it is difficult to do that and balance your course load and social life at the same time. So, to ease your (and my) worries about saving money during college, here are a few tips.

  1. Buy used textbooks: And then sell them back! Or rent them. is a great resource for this. Or you can even post the books on Facebook when your class is over and see if any of your friends need that book and can buy it from you! This is a much cheaper option over buying new textbooks.
  2. Sell unneeded things: Do you have a closet full of old bags, clothes, games, or anything of value that you just don’t use anymore? Sell it! Every few dollars
  3. Shop & spend less: I know it is tempting to do a little retail therapy, especially after a tough exam, but resist the urge! There are other way more important things to spend your money on, like savings and tuition. When you do shop, shop with a purpose and only buy the thing you came in the store for. Also, shop at discount stores like Tj Maxx and Marshalls! I love those stores. And another thing, when you are out shopping, ask if they offer student discounts before you check out!
  4. Apply for scholarships, buy your own food, and make your own coffee: Scholarships are free money, so apply for as many as you can! Also, instead of going to Chipotle for dinner, eat on campus or buy your own groceries and make a bunch of meals with them to save money. This goes for coffee, too. You can find yummy coffee “recipes” online that taste just as good as Starbucks, and for a fraction of the price!

Making small changes in the way you live during college can really help your wallet out. Only spend what you have budgeted, and keep track of what you spend. Saving money, no matter what amount, is so beneficial to you in the long run, and your future self and student loans will thank you!

XOXO, Chels