Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, but being on a plane for hours at a time can get boring.  You’re so excited to get to your destination that time seems to barely move!  The key to an easy and entertaining flight is packing the perfect carry-on bag.  Check out my list below!Chelsea Crockett- airport

  • Magazines or a good book:  Get lost in a book and the time will fly!
  • Music player and headphones:  Whether it’s your iPhone or an mp3 player, having music is a must!  Try downloading some new songs before you hit the airport!
  • Snacks:  Not all airlines serve snacks during your flight.  Don’t starve yourself by refusing to buy that $10 pack of peanuts they sell on the plane.  Instead, pack a variety of quick and easy snacks to keep you satisfied the whole flight long.
  • A jacket:  Most airplanes are set at a cool temperature since guests have to sit so close together.  Be sure to pack a jacket so you’re not freezing mid-air.
  • Chap Stick:  The air in most airplane cabins is cool and dry.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you brought this with you.
  • Neck pillow:  If you have a little extra room in your bag, try bringing a neck pillow.  It will make sleeping on the plane so much more comfortable.  Don’t expect the airline to supply you with a pillow and blanket!

Safe travels,