Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.  Whether it’s at my favorite clothing boutiques, makeup stores, or even online, I like to get the most out of my time and especially my money!  There are lots of different tips for becoming a better shopper, whether it’s waiting for the right deals or seasonal sales.  Here are some useful tips for you to know next time you go shopping!

  • Tax-Free Weekends.  Depending on the state you live in, this weekend is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year!  Especially on big purchases, you can get things like iPhones, laptops, etc. for so much cheaper than you would on a regular weekend!
  • Seasonal Sales.  Chelsea Crockett - Ulta Rewards ProgramThese sales are some of the biggest and best deals you can possibly find.  Anything from back-to-school sales to Black Friday deals, you can find almost any store with lots of ways to save!
  • Coupons.  You might think these are super old fashioned, but every little bit of money saved counts!  As surprising as it is, a lot of stores still offer different coupons online and right when you walk in the store.  So, keep an eye out!
  • Rewards Programs.  Almost every one of my favorite stores has a rewards program that gives me exclusive discounts every time I come in.  Most of them are free, so take advantage of them and sign up!

I hope these tips help you out on your next fun-filled day of shopping!

XO – Chelsea