Being tan is something I always set on my summer goal list. But being tan requires hours and hours out in the hot sun! We know that 90% of the time that leads to an unwelcomed sunburn covering us head to toe, yikes! I’ve seen many articles and websites telling readers how to prevent sunburns, but we know the reality is they can’t always be avoided! Here are a few suggestions on how you can soothe your annoying burn!Chelsea Crockett - Aloe Vera

  • I’ll start off with stating the obvious, Aloe Vera! Aloe is perfect for alleviating sunburn pain. You can find it in lotions, gels, etc. almost anywhere.  My favorite is Banana Boat’s Aloe After Sun gel.  Click here to check it out!
  • What is something that is free and can be found right in your home? Drinking a lot of water is advice I give for almost anything :)! The sun quickly dehydrates your body and skin, leading to burns. Drinking a few glasses of water helps heal and replenish the damaged skin.
  • Green tea should always be available for use at your house! Even if you don’t drink tea, it has so many other health benefits. Brew up some green tea and let it cool. Then, soak a cloth in it and apply to your burned areas!
  • Ever thought about using potatoes for benefits besides eating? Not only potatoes, but cucumbers too, work like magic when dealing with sunburns. By applying a slice or two, it should reduce the swelling and help cool the burn.

Good luck this summer :)! XOXO – Chels