Hi Insiders,

            The start of a new year is all about a fresh start.  It’s the perfect time to leave the past behind you and set goals for yourself.  Although keeping up with them can be hard, it’s not impossible!  Unfortunately, many of us don’t stick with our New Year’s resolutions and resort back to our old selves.  Don’t let that happen to you this year!  Follow my simple guide to sticking with your New Year’s resolution.Chelsea Crockett- new year's resolution

            Many people start the New Year with big ambitions.  DON’T.  This is the first problem.  If your goal is too hard and out of the ordinary, it will be tough to continue with it.  You must start small and make a resolution that you know is obtainable.  The second step to sticking with your resolution is to take it one step at a time.  For example, if you want to stop eating sweets, don’t cut them out altogether.  Start by eating two sweets a day, then one, then none!  Gradual changes make a drastic change seem less drastic.  Also, turn to your family and friends for support.  There’s nothing wrong with having a crowd of people cheering you on!  It’s also very helpful to write your resolution on a piece paper and hang it up as a reminder.

                    Once you have officially seen progress or completed your goal for the New Year, celebrate!  Reward yourself with a massage or shopping spree for following through.  Nothing says “you can do it” better than a day pampering yourself.  Remember, don’t beat yourself up if you fail the first time.  What’s important is that you keep on trying!

Happy New Year!