Packing for summer camp can be tough.  Depending on how long you’ll be there, you’ll need to have a packing list of all your camp essentials.  There are certain things that you may not even realize you need but can be very helpful and make your camp life a lot easier!  Here are some things to make sure you include on your packing list! 🙂

  • Bug spray.  This is crucial!  Getting eaten up by a bunch of mosquitos on the first day of camp will make the rest of your experience much worse (and lots itchier!).
  • Disposable camera.  If you’re not allowed to have your phones, taking a disposable camera is a good way to still capture the memories (especially if you can’t have any electronics!).Chelsea Crockett - Camp Essentials
  • Rain jacket.  Weather can often be very unpredictable.  Pack a rain jacket and maybe even rain shoes for those rainy camp days.
  • Ziploc/plastic bags.  Sometimes your clothes will get dirty or wet.  Take some disposable bags to store any wet swimsuits, muddy shirts, etc.
  • Deck of cards/board game.  Once again, the weather may not be perfect!  Take a deck or cards and your favorite board games to play when boredom strikes.
  • Labels.  You may want to consider doing this before you leave.  Label anything that might get mixed up with other campers’ such as phone chargers, shampoo, face wash, etc.

Hopefully this helps you feel prepared for your camp this summer! 🙂

–          Chelsea