Hey everyone!  Because the weather is so nice during this season, it’s perfect for outside activities.  Water parks, camping, and swimming are all perfect things to do during a hot, sunny day in the summer.  One thing you may have not thought of is the drive-in. 

            If you have a drive-in near you, it’s a perfect summer way to see that new movie you’ve been wanting to see.  Whether it’s with your family or your best friends, it’s a fun way to see the film.  My favorite thing about the drive-in is bringing a bunch of snacks for you and your guests to enjoy!  Popcorn, candy, and soda are perfectWink.Chelsea Crockett - Drive-In

            Maybe you can’t access a drive-in near you, but that’s okay!  There’s another creative way to spend your night!  If you take a projector and set it up facing a solid wall or possibly your garage you’ve made your own drive-in movie theater!  You can set out a few blankets or chairs and have a movie night right in your own yard!  Perfect!