Hey girls!  With summer here, most of us will be traveling and doing some pretty exciting things.  I know I’m not the only one taking a ton of pictures and creating a lot of memories with my friends and family.

            To document these, I suggest keeping a summer journal!  If you travel a lot, writing down the places you go and the people you meet is a great keepsake and fun to look back at.  Any other exciting or memorable events you go to can be put in your journal as well.  You can print out your pictures, or develop them, and add them into your journal entry, too!Chelsea Crockett - Journal

            Another fun thing about keeping a journal is that you can design and decorate it exactly how you want to!  Whether it’s simple and plain or overwhelmed by stickers and glitter, you can decorate it whatever way suits you.  If you have a Polaroid camera, taking pictures on that and quickly adding them in your entry give it a vintage look and is an easier way to develop your pics!

            Usually journals are not very expensive and can be found at a nearby store like Target or Hobby Lobby.  Tweet or Instagram a picture of your Summer Journal and I’ll try and take a look at it! Enjoy!