Hi Ladies,

            Are you one of those girls who loves fashion and constantly has a smart phone in your hand?  If you’ve watched my videos, then you know that’s precisely me!  I’ve recently stumbled across this new app called “The Hunt” that I just had to share with all of my Insiders and it’s free!  It has become my new favorite app and helps out fashion gurus like myself!  Let’s check it out!Chelsea Crockett- the hunt app

            “The Hunt” app helps you find out where to buy a clothing item you saw in a picture.  It’s really simple.  Start by downloading the app and making a profile.  Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to start hunting!  By clicking on the “start hunt” button, upload a picture of a clothing item or accessory that you would like to find.  You can enter a description of what exactly you’re looking for or if you want something similar.  Once you’ve upload the picture then other users can help locate the item you are looking for.  This way you can eventually purchase it! 

            Next, check out the “home” button and help others find what they’re looking for!  If you see an item that you are familiar with, let the user know where to purchase it from. By clicking on “add find” you can add a link for the user to purchase their desired item.  It’s such a fun way to interact with and help out fellow fashion lovers!  Start the hunt today!