If you’re still in high school, you may be unfamiliar with the term “formal.”  Formals are kind of like the college version of a homecoming dance put on by a fraternity or sorority!  If you’re new to the college world and need some advice on an upcoming spring formal, here are some tips and pointers!

  • You don’t have to have a date in order to go to formal. Chelsea Crockett - Romper More girls go solo than you think.  Get dressed up, grab a group of friends, and go have fun by yourself!
  • Although you should dress up, dresses aren’t a must.  You can rock a fancy romper and heels (such as the picture on the right) or a stylish jumpsuit.  Unlike high school homecomings, you’ll see tight and loose dresses, dresses and rompers, wedges and heels, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to hit the dance floor.  Unlike high school dances where it can sometimes be awkward to dance, most people will be dancing at formal!  No one cares what you look like or whether or not you have a date.  Get out of your chairs and dance like crazy!
  • You can make plans before and after just like you did for high school dances.  Get ready with your friends beforehand, make dinner reservations, and host an afterparty! 
  • Formals are a lot more laid back, and a lot less stressful, than prom and homecoming.  Like I said, you don’t have to bring a date or make a day full of plans surrounding the event.  Just simply have fun! 

Have fun at your formal and make lots and lots of memories! 🙂

Love, Chelsea