One of the most daunting of all the college related tasks is the applications. They can be long, tedious, and intimidating! Here are a few tips on how to make them more manageable and less miserable.

  1. Start early: This may be the most important tip of all! Starting the application process early will ensure you don’t feel crunched for time and stressed. It will also give you more time to proofread your essays and make sure that your work is A+.52489696
  2. Find a proofreader: If you have a grammatically gifted family member or a favorite high school English teacher, have them proofread your essays before you submit them. This will help ensure your essays are grammatically sound and that the content is good.
  3. Apply smart: Don’t apply to Harvard if you don’t picture yourself going there. Only apply for schools that you are interested in. Don’t waste your time with others.
  4. Keep track of deadlines: Staying organized during the application process will keep you sane. Use a planner or an excel doc to help track when applications and letters of recommendation are due. The worst thing in the world is realizing that the application to your dream school is due tomorrow and you haven’t even started it!

Hopefully this helps my fellow students out there to prepare for college aps!

Good luck,

XOXO, Chels