When Mother’s Day was just around the corner, I wrote a blog post about different, unique ways you could spend that special day with your mom!  But since we’re finally in the month of Father’s Day, I thought I’d come up with a few ideas that are more centered around dads but still fun for your whole family!

  • If your dad is the typical dad that’s always down to golf, take him golfing for the day!  Chelsea Crockett - Baseball GameYou can go play a full round or even just hit up the driving range for a couple hours.  If you’re not a golfer, maybe even try taking him mini golfing.  It’s a great way to bond over something he likes to do!
  • Instead of going out to eat to celebrate, offer to help your dad grill a big dinner for your whole family!  That way, you can learn how to grill and spend time with your dad at the same time.  Sometimes just offering a helping hand can make his day!
  • Sit your dad down a week or so before Father’s Day and ask him what his ideal day would be, then make it happen!  Maybe he wants to go to a baseball game or fishing on the lake.  Whatever it is, make it happen since it’s his special day!
  • Bring out the little kid in him!  He may not say it, but it might just make his day to go camping, go-karting, etc.  Get out and be adventurous! 

Which idea are you going to treat your dad to this year?  Share with me in the comments below!  Maybe my dad and I are doing the same!

Happy Father’s Day! – Chelsea