Social media is one of the biggest things of our generation.  About 99% of the people I know have at least one form of it, even my parents and grandparents!  If you’ve been keeping up with my channel, then you’ve seen one of my recent videos talking about the power of social media and why it’s so important.  I just wanted to expand on my thoughts on how our generation can use social media for the right reasons!

Chelsea Crockett - Social Media

For me, I live a lot of my life on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  With the following I have, I feel like God has given me a platform to help further His kingdom by posting different verses, quotes, or my own thoughts that have impacted me.  That being said, I use social media as a way to spread the love of God to all of my followers because I believe in the power of social media!  My point is not that you need to tweet about God or the Bible.  My point is that social media can make a different and it DOES make a difference.  That’s why being positive and solely uplifting is more important than you think!  If you’re only logging on to complain or post negatively, then maybe you should rethink why you have social media in the first place.    

Start using social media to spread love instead of hate!  If we as a generation made this our mission, we’d be unstoppable! 🙂

Love, Chelsea