First dates can be extremely nerve-racking, but they can also be a great time to really get to know the each other!  First dates usually mean first impressions, so there are many things to consider before, and during, your date.  If you’re new to the dating world, or could still use as much help as you can get, here are a few things to keep in mind!

  • Your outfit.  Chelsea Crockett - First DateUnfortunately, most of the time first impressions are based a lot on appearance.  I suggest wearing something that will reflect who you are.  If you’re bubbly and like to rock bright colors, go for it!
  • Where to go.  If he didn’t already decide where you guys are going, suggest somewhere that will make you most comfortable!  If you’re nervous about too much small talk over dinner, see a movie instead.  Or if you’d rather do something a little less formal than dinner, go mini golfing or hiking!
  • How he treats you.  Notice how he treats you especially since it’s your first time on an actual date with each other.  Pay attention to his manners such as if he’s on his phone a lot or if he’s only talking about himself!
  • Red flags.  These are so important!  Notice if he says or does something that you would automatically consider a red flag.
  • Keeping an open mind.  Doing this allows you to be open to something you might not be expecting.  Maybe you thought you had the person figured out but he could be much better than you’re expecting!

I hope your first date is everything you’re hoping for and more!

Love, Chelsea