Can you imagine a world without music?  Working out to only the sound of machines, watching movies with only talking, and driving in a car to silence would make life pretty boring.  You don’t realize it, but you listen to music all the time!  Not only is music enjoyable, but it’s also beneficial to your health!  So turn up your iPods up and check out all the amazing benefits that music has to offer.Chelsea Crockett- music

            Music is one of the best medicines for the body.  It can affect the brain in great ways!  Music can spark your memory.  Have you ever listened to a song and then remembered something in your past?  It’s incredible how you can remember something so long ago by just listening to part of a song.  Another mental benefit of music is stress reduction and relaxation.  Listening to music can give you an instant mood boost, which in return, makes you less stressed.  For some people, not all, it can even help you focus more on homework and studying.

            Music has some physical benefits as well! Listening to music while working out can cause a boost in your workout pace.  Not only will you reach your physical goals quicker, but you will burn more calories. Since music is a mood booster, it can also cause your immune system to stay up; therefore you won’t get sick as much!  Who would’ve guessed that music had all of these wonderful benefits?  Now pick up your iPod and listen away!