When winter starts to roll in, there are certain things to do to prepare your closet for the cold weather ahead.  I always make sure my wardrobe is ready for the season, whether it be summer or winter.  Make sure you check these essentials off your list so you can be ready, too! 

  • Change your closet from warm to cold.  My closet used to get extremely cluttered with all of my summer and winter clothes stuffed together.  Switch out all of your shorts and sandals for pants and booties!Chelsea Crockett - Winter Outift
  • Purchase a neutral, warm coat that will go with a majority of your outfits.  Finding a coat that is both stylish and keeps you warm is key for the cold weather!
  • Also, purchase a good pair of snow/rain boots.  Especially if you’re in college, walking to class in the snow without a good pair of boots will be awful!
  • Know how to layer.  When it comes to looking stylish in the winter, layering up with different shirts and jackets is a necessity.  I sometimes find it hard to find a cute outfit to wear and be warm at the same time.  Knowing how to layer like a pro is the perfect way to achieve this!
  • Purchase the perfect winter accessories that go with your style.  Accessories such as beanies, scarves, high socks, tights, etc. are the best way to spice up your outfit and make your outfit warmer at the same time!  You get the best of both worlds, right?  

I hope you’re all prepared for an awesome winter ahead!

XO – Chelsea