Athleisure is an up-and-coming trend that I am loving, I have to admit. Athleisure is casual clothing like yoga pants, sweat pants, and pullovers that are designed to be worn for both exercising and pretty much everything else. So, they are athletic clothes that are stylish and functional, meaning you can wear them to the gym and then to the grocery store and look stylin’ while doing both. This trend is both comfy and trendy, so I am ready to hop on board. Here are 3 athleisure looks to try this fall and winter.

  1. Super casual: In this style we see workout leggings paired with a loose tank top layered under a simple pullover. The outfit is finished off with some slip-on sneakers. I like this look because it is effortless and really casual, but it is also comfy and can be worn out and about.0c6ead14e21331bfc652272ade7c4ab4
  2. Cute and comfy: This next look pairs workout leggings with some Hunter boots, and white long-sleeve tee layered under a cute thermal pullover and puffy vest. This style is really preppy and cute while also being comfy and practical.5939f30b8b4c520aa203b4e31589e4a5
  3. Trendy and effortless: This next look is the most complex, but is also my personal favorite. This look pairs some workout leggings with awesome textured patches on the knees, a white long-sleeve tee, and a green army jacket with an infinity scarf to top it off. The tennis shoes keep the outfit athletic while the army jacket takes it to a more “street-worthy” state.3eedbd2995cf26b1f16332744e2b1fc2

I love outfits that I can wear straight from the gym to run errands, or just to be comfy while I’m out and about! Athletic clothes can be dressed up in so many ways to make them more “outfit” ready. Who says comfy can’t also be cute?

XOXO, Chels