One of my favorite things about high school was going all out for our Friday night football games.  Some of my best memories of my four years were made at our school’s stadium cheering on the team!  Chelsea Crockett - Game Day OutfitWith college, the football game days only get bigger and better, especially if you go to a big school.  Here is a little guide I put together if you need some help picking out an outfit for your next game day!

One of my favorite things that I’ve seen girls wear on game day is oversized jerseys.  I know some schools sell them in a dress style to pair with accessories and booties!  If your jersey isn’t long enough to style as a dress, rock it with a ripped pair of white jeans like the picture on the left.  You can also determine how casual you want to be by wearing wedged booties or a pair of sneakers! 

Incorporating your team’s colors into your outfit is obviously a must.  Although some colleges dress up more than others, you can always accessorize using colored necklaces, hats, etc.  Since suede is big this fall, pairing an off-the-shoulder shirt with a button- up suede skirt is so cute!  Another piece of clothing you can pair your outfit with is a flannel in your school’s colors.  You can either substitute it for a jacket or tie it around your waste!

I hope you enjoy this year’s football season!

XO – Chels