Ponchos used to be a fashion statement of the past, but recently they have made their way back into style. There are so many different variations of them, from plaid to plain to patterned! Here are my top 3 favorite ways to play up ponchos this season.poncho 2

  1. Pretty in plaid: I love this preppy take on ponchos. The pattern is classy and timeless. Wear a flowey white long-sleeve blouse over your poncho, and add in some dark jeans and boots to finish off the look.
  2. Fun fringe: This might be my favorite way to wear ponchos. The fringe is so fun and flirty! Pair with simple black jeans, suede booties, and a neutral tee.
  3. Cute and casual: Wear a simple poncho with casual jeans and boots for an effortlessly cute enseble.

What is your favorite poncho pair?

XOXO, Chels