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10 Things For Your Summer BFF Bucket List

This summer is my last “hoorah” before college and I plan to make it count. Summer means extra time spent with your BFF/Boyfriend, and in order to make the most of every minute, you need to make a list. You need to make a list so you don’t forget or miss a single fun thing this summer! Here is my top 10 things on my bff bucket list this summer.

  1. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck together.img-thing
  2. Go to your state fair.
  3. Do a huge puzzle.
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Go to a wedding together.
  6. Go strawberry picking. And then to a farmers market!
  7. Go rollerblading or bike riding.
  8. Run through sprinklers, or buy a kiddie pool and soak in it.
  9. Have a water balloon fight.
  10. Go kayaking or canoeing.

What are some things on YOUR summer BFF bucket list?

XOXO, Chels

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