We’re all at that crucial age of figuring out who we want to be, despite the pressure coming from friends, society, and many other factors that try to shape us into who they want us to be instead.  With all of the standards and expectations put on girls throughout social media, magazines, movies, etc., they make it hard to love the skin we’re in… But that’s exactly what we need to learn to do!  Here are 5 steps that will make you start loving yourself fully and wholeheartedly! Chelsea Crockett - Love Yourself Quote

  1. Avoid perfection.  Putting impossible standards on yourself will never make you happy!  You’ll be let down every time.  Don’t expect to be someone you can’t and shouldn’t be!
  2. Stay off of social media.  I don’t mean to delete all of your accounts and shut yourself out of them forever.  What I mean by this is to not log on just to compare yourself to every girl you see.  If you find yourself doing this, just log off and find something fun and positive to do.
  3. Look in the mirror and point out three things you love about yourself every day.  Positive reassurance is totally underrated.  It really works!  Give yourself three compliments each morning to continue finding things you love about yourself.
  4. Get the right mentality.  Having a negative attitude never helps in any situation.  Work on being happy and positive when it comes to your body.
  5. Acknowledge your achievements and treat yourself.  Sometimes we get down on ourselves for thinking that we’ve failed and just want to give up.  Acknowledge your success and focus on that!  Treat yourself so you feel rewarded and optimistic!

Hopefully you can soak in these tips and learn to appreciate yourself for who you are!

Love, Chelsea