The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, written by Sean Covey, gives teens the 7 most effective ways to succeed in life.  I know, from being a teenager myself, that being productive most of the time is very hard to do.  Hanging out with friends, going to watch basketball games, shopping, and just having a social life in general all get in the way of becoming the best person you can be.  By adopting these seven habits, you will be on your way to being very effective!   

Habit #1 is being proactive.  What does being proactive mean??  Proactive people make life choices based on value.  You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control the way it affects you.  Will you let it ruin your day or will you move on and laugh it off?  You can’t sweat the small stuff!  The opposite of being proactive is being reactive.  Reactive people say the first thing that comes to mind and let things get to them.  In the long run, being reactive won’t get you anywhere.  It will just eat you up inside.  The way you respond to things let people know whether you are reactive or proactive.  Do you say “Ok I’ll try?”  Or do you say “Ok I’ll do it!” “I can’t do that” or “There’s got to be a way to do that!”  A proactive person takes a positive spin on everything.

Being proactive will get you places in life.  It helps you get the job done and gives others a great outlook on the type of person you are.  Do you want to hang out with someone who is negative or positive all the time?  Now, I know life isn’t perfect and that bad things happen to good people, but how will you let it affect you?

Prom month, during my junior year of high school, was extremely stressful.  Being a chair in charge of decorating was a task within itself.  I was paired up with a friend who I knew would help me do a great job with decorating coronation.  The night before prom rolled around and it was time to start decorating the center stage of prom night….the stage where the king and queen would be crowned!  I looked all around for my partner and she had been pulled by a teacher to do some other things.  So, I started decorating on my own.  My partner helped when she could.  The work became overwhelming and I called in for backup….my parents.  A few hours later we got the job done and it looked fantastic!  I couldn’t believe we had pulled it off.  It made me feel so good about our hard work and effort.  Being proactive, persistent, and staying positive were the right things to do.  Next time you’re in a tough situation will you be reactive or proactive? The choice is yours……    


                                                                     -Elizabeth Jones, 18

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