One of the most fun things about halloween is getting creative with your costume. Especially if you and your bff are pairing up. Pair costumes are so fun, because you can get so artistic and out-there with them! The possibilities are endless! If you want to be the best dressed at any halloween, here are a few examples of bff costumes you and your bestie can rock! Plus, they’re all DIY so you can be totally proud of your creations.

  1. Barbie and Ken: If your bff is a guy, or if your bff is willing to dress as a guy, dress up like these two did as Barbie acouple costume (2)nd Ken! How cute are they!
  2. Starbucks drinks: This one is super easy to do! All you need is black tights, a black shirt, a white lace dress, some Starbucks cups, brown booties, and some paper to make the labels!
  3. The dancing girls emoji: This one is also really easy to remake. All you need is a black long-sleeved leotard, tights, some black slip on shoes, and big black bows! I love this costume, it is so simple but totally adorable! It is also great for a last-minute costume because it doesn’t have many parts to it.

Wear your costumes with pride! You will be the envy of every Halloween party, everyone will wish they were as creative as you, plus they’ll be jealous that you have such a stinkin’ awesome BFF that will dress up crazy with you. 😉

XOXO, Chels