Okay ladies. I know some of us have been planning our Halloween costumes for this year since the day after Halloween last year (aka me…), but I just want to remind you of a few Halloween costume rules that are essential to picking the perfect ensemble. Halloween is a chance to show your creative side. Like I said, there are a few little tips to keep in mind while assembling your disguise.

  1. Raid your closet before opening your wallet. You already have a closet full of clothes, so put them to use. Plus, you probably have access to a sister or bff’s closet, too. 😉 Use what you have to create a great costume!tumblr_mbflqeKvrz1qg9syc
  2. Know what you’re getting yourself into. If you are going to a Halloween party or gathering, ask around to find out the dress code. If people don’t really dress up at the party you are attending, it wouldn’t be wise to show up in full vampire gettup!
  3. Keep it classy. Sexy school teacher = not a wise option. I know you are more creative than that! Halloween is not a time to show off what your momma gave you, it is a time to show your talents in the area of costume design!
  4. Mind the weather: If it is going to be in the 40’s or 50’s, The Little Mermaid might not be the best costume option. Dress for the weather so you aren’t shivering with your teeth chattering the whole time!

Start thinking about your Halloween costume now so you can have the best one out of all your friends! Pinterest is a great resource for those kinds of things!

XOXO, Chels