Even if you don’t have a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, you can still show your bff’s some love! This “love day,” show the gals that have always been there for you how much they mean to you with simple gifts that say “you’re important to me.” Here are some inexpensive and thoughtful gifts for your gals.

  1. Gummy bears: Gummy bears are a fun and yummy treat, and add a “life is un-bearable without you” note to the bag and you have a cute and easy gift!gummy bears
  2. Lifesavers: I love Lifesaver candies. Fill a mason jar with Lifesavers and tie a ribbon around the top. Attach a note that says “You are a Lifesaver. Thanks for being a great friend!”lifesaver
  3. Red or pink nail polish: Give a gift that keeps on giving! Nail polish is something that your gals can use over and over again, so get them a red or pink for Valentine’s Day!nail polish (2)
  4. A customized mix tape: Nothing shows you care more than a customized mix tape! Put all of the songs that make you think of them, songs you both love or have rocked out to in the past, songs that were “your songs,” or just songs that you think they would like!

Happy Valentines Day to you and your gal pals.

XOXO, Chels