Are you ever at a party and its kinda awkward because you don’t really know the people there? I have a super sweet idea for a “getting to know you” game that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Why? It involves chocolate! I’m in! This game can be played in any situation that you need to break the ice.

Have each person take a handful of M&Ms and put them in a plastic cup so they don’t melt in their hands. For each color of M&M, you have to answer a specific question. Here are some examples:

–          Red- something that happened yesterday.

–          Orange- something you are good at.chelsea crockett

–          Yellow- something about your childhood.

–          Blue- something you cannot live without.

–          Brown- something you learned last week.

–          Green- something you like to watch/listen to.

This kind of activity not only makes things less awkward because you get to talking and learning about each other, it is also delicious! Try this out next time you have a gathering or a few friends over.

XOXO, Chels