Society loves to tell us that we’re single for a reason. “Oh, do you not like dating?” “Have you not found anyone you’re interested in?” “Did your last relationship go badly?”

When I was younger, I was asked these questions every once in a while when I wasn’t in a relationship. It was like if I remained single people made it seem like something was wrong with me or that there had to be a reason behind it. Can you relate?

This stigma around singleness that society has created can oftentimes pressure us into something we’re not ready for or a relationship we should’ve never gotten involved in in the first place.

I remember the parts of singleness that you don’t get to experience when you’re married, dating, etc. You get to take advantage of the abundance of alone time with God that we so often forget we even have in the first place!

Your single days are your days to focus solely on yourself and on God. You have all the free time in the world to spend in the Word, doing daily devotionals, etc. It’s a chance to focus on bettering yourself and figuring out where God is leading you next in your life.

If you’re single and not ready to mingle, let me be the first to tell you: that’s OKAY! God wants us devoted to him, spending time with him, and making him our priority above all else.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” If you’re in one of your seasons of singleness, do what YOU want to do and follow the path God wants you to. When you’re leaving your season of singleness, you’ll know when it’s right and that God is guiding you in that direction.

Maybe your season is over and you’re happily in a relationship. Maybe your season will end months, or even years from now, when you finally meet the right person. However long your season of singleness is, know that it’s okay no matter how long it lasts. Thankfully we have a God that fills our every need and desire. Even if loneliness tries to creep in, He is our comforter and the most incredible relationship we will ever have.

Let me tell you, the wait is worth it! When you’re ready to start praying for guidance when it comes to beginning a relationship, focus on where God is wanting to take you.

Remember, it’s okay to be single and not ready to mingle! Everyone’s path is different and God knows when the right time for every season is! Trust in Him and allow Him to guide your footsteps!

– Chelsea