Chelsea Crockett- eggs  Do you ever look at a picture you took and notice how oily your face looks?  Do you have to reapply powered foundation every couple hours to keep the oil off your face?  Well, if you said yes, I have the perfect face mask for you!  It’s an egg mask, sounds gross, but hey, it gets the job done!  The ingredients to make this mask are very simple, just one organic egg and two small bowls.  Start off by washing the shell of your egg and separating the yolk and egg white into the different bowls.  The easiest way to do this is to slide the egg yolk back and forth, draining out the egg whites.  Now, with a clean fork, beat the egg whites.  Once you start to see bubbles, then you know it’s ready.  Clean your face of all makeup, and using a tablespoon of the egg whites, apply it all over your face using your fingers.  Let it dry, you won’t be able to smile, and rinse off.  Now, it’s time for the egg yolk.  It is actually a natural face moisturizer.  Break open the yolk and apply a small, yet generous, amount to your face.  Again, let it dry and rinse it off.  Finish with your favorite face moisturizer and voilà; you’ve got soft, silky, and non-oily skin.  It’s as easy as that!