I love thrift shopping. You can find such cute stuff, and it’s so cheap! If you are in need of a girls night and want a super fun game to play together, I recommend the thrift store game! Here is how you play it:

 1. Split into teams of two.

2. The first team to find and photograph themselves with 10 out of the 20 items on the list wins! You can use your phone to take the pictures which makes it super quick and easy!chelsea crockett thrift store game

3. If the item you find is an article of clothing, then you have to wear it for the picture! NO EXCEPTIONS! 😉

4. You should probably spend at least a couple bucks in the store just to show some courtesy because you practically just used their store as a battleground!  

 Does this not sound like a total blast?! You all will be laughing so hard the whole time, and you will have an arsenal of awkward pictures of your friends because of all of the goofy clothes you will be trying on! It is a total win win situation! Only got 20$ in your pocket? Then go pop some tags at a thrift shop with your best buds!

 Happy thrifting!

XOXO, Chels