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             As teenagers, we all go through it.  Acne, oily skin, and unwanted breakouts are all things we have to put up with.  Luckily companies such as Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, and Olay have invented several products to help moisturize and disappear acne and dry or oily skin. Chelsea Crockett - Face Products

            Many lotions and moisturizers are good for dry skin, but often leave residue making your face look and feel oily.  Olay’s Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion is perfect for moisturizing dry skin.  It does the job without leaving a super shiny finish on your skin!

A lot of face washes and cleansers tend to make your face appear cleaner, but really don’t cleanse it fully.  Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst Hydrating Facial Cleanser washes deep into your pores and removes any dirt or oil on your skin.  It’s oil-free and perfect for sensitive skin.  Its morning burst leaves your skin feeling extra fresh to start the day!

As for pop-up pimples and surprise breakouts, Neutrogena’s Naturals Acne Spot Treatment is just what you need.  You can put this on your acne during any time of the day.  It dries clear, so you don’t have to worry about when and where you apply it.

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http://tiny.cc/Olay_SatinLotion, http://tiny.cc/Neutrogena_SpotTreatment