We all know that L’Oreal is one of the biggest makeup companies out there, but what most girls don’t know is how good the quality of the products is.  L’Oreal carries both skin and hair products for all skin types and hair colors. Chelsea Crockett - L'Oreal Makeup

If you haven’t yet checked out L’Oreal’s website, I highly suggest you doWink.  The coolest thing about their site is that they have an interactive section called “My Beauty Products” where you can find the perfect products that fit you.  By clicking the “My Colors” tab, they recommend what products will look best with your hair color, eye color, skin tone, and skin undertone. They also suggest different videos and articles for you to see the different looks that will bring out the best of your features.

Another tab called “My Styles” gives you the option to choose between many looks such as girly, natural, edgy, etc.  After you have picked your preferred styles, it will show you many different ways to pull off your favorite looks.  Say you choose “edgy.”  It will show you a bold collection for making your eyes pop and cute nail designs to add a little more along with your makeup.

“My Beauty Products” is only one plus to their website.  There are many other helpful hints and ways to brighten up your makeup!  So start exploring!