Hey girlies!  L’Oreal is one of my favorite hair and makeup brands with its great quality and awesome products.  They’ve been in business for years, but I’ve just recently heard about their “Total Repair 5” hair treatment. 

            For full effect, it includes a shampoo, conditioner, and damage-erasing balm.  Even just the shampoo itself gives you already noticeable soft hair.  Each product in the treatment contains ceramide which is a type of lipid that benefits your hair.  Whenever you use a certain product that contains ceramide, it restores the natural properties of your hair, making it smoother and softer.  Without ceramide, your hair would be damaged and dry.

            Both the shampoo and conditioner worChelsea Crockett - Damage Erasing Balmk amazing, but the damage-erasing balm is where most of the magic happens.  It instantly repairs the five signs of damage: 1.Split Ends 2.Weak 3.Rough 4.Full 5.Dehydrated.  While you’re in the shower, all you have to do is message it through your hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.  It’s as simple as that!

            Another product of the series is the Multi-Restorative Dry Oil.  This is a daily leave-in treatment that works continuously throughout the day.  Apply this oil to damp hair and style your hair as you usually would.  This will make your hair shine and tame those unwanted flyaways!

            Good luck with those luscious locks!Wink


Want to try out this treatment?  Buy your products here:http://tiny.cc/LOreal_Shampoo, http://tiny.cc/LOreal_Conditioner, http://tiny.cc/LOreal_DamageErasingBalm, http://tiny.cc/LOreal_RestorativeOil