Marc Anthony is famous for many things.  But as a beauty guru, I especially love his long line of hair products!  In many of my videos, you can find me using and talking about several of his amazing products.  One of my most recent videos, the “Go To Hairstyles for Fall,” talks about 4 of my favorite Marc Anthony products.  So, here are a few things about them and what they can do for those long locks of yours.Chelsea Crockett - Marc Anthony Hair Products

          First off, scrunching my hair is a go-to style for almost everything.  For this, I use Marc Anthony’s Strictly Curls Styling Foam or the Curl Envy Styling Cream.  It gives my hair a little extra volume and enhances the natural waves in my hair.  For my roots, I like to add in a quarter amount of Marc Anthony’s Hair Thickening Cream.  It never fails to give me the texture and volume I want for my hairJ.

            We all have those busy nights filled with homework, practices, etc. so I can understand when washing your hair isn’t a priority.  Luckily Marc Anthony’s 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo takes care of your oily hair in the mornings.  Just spray a few pumps on your roots and ends and you’re set for the day!  No one can even tell you skipped a washJ.

            Lastly, the Oil of Morocco hair treatment results in frizz-free hair and soft, beautiful locks.  Next time you’re looking for the best hair products, go to Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid and pick up some of Marc Anthony’s.  You won’t regret it!

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