If you watched my video “My Hair Care Routine” you probably heard me talk about the “Wet Brush” and the “Shine Brush.” These are hair brushes that I use right out of the shower and while getting ready. I love them and I think you would too if you gave them a try! Here is some more info on my favorite kind of hair brushes.

The “Wet Brush”:

The Wet Brush has super soft bristles so it detangles hair with ease! It works great on wet hair and is perfect for men, women and kids. You can use if you have thick, straight, or curly hair. You can even use it on hair extensions and wigs! Like I said in my video, this brush glides through my hair so easily, and it costs very little! If you are interested in one, click here!

chelsea crockett brush

The “Shine Brush”:
This brush features Mongolian Boar bristles. It distributes your hair’s natural oils from your scalp through your hair. It adds luster and shine, and is great for brushing dry shampoo throughout hair! It is great to use on thick, curly, or straight hair. Want a quick, easy way to add instant shine to your hair? Grab one of these brushes! To buy one, click here!

chelsea brush

I absolutely LOVE these brushes, and I know you will too!

XOXO, Chels