I know most of us have started to experience that “Time of the Month”.  None of us like it, but it’s just something we all have to deal with.  On the positive side, companies have developed different varieties of great protection so you can be carefree with absolutely no worries!

Chelsea Crockett- Stay FreeMy favorite brand by far would have to be Stay Free®.  Whether you’re at school, hanging with friends, or playing sports, you can be sure that Stay Free® has your back.  We all know our teen years are pretty tough and can be stressful at times.  And adding “female” things definitely does not help!  With all the issues that come along with that, Stay Free® can help!


Along with Mother Nature’s visits, we experience many unwelcomed symptoms such as cramps, mood swings, and pimples.  As far as cramps go, a little exercise, enough sleep, and some heat can help.  For the mood swings, a little extra sleep can never hurt!  When you’re not cranky and tired it’s easier to deal with cramps or other discomforts.  To deal with bloating and other things, drink more water and eat less salt!  It’ll help decrease your hormone level and decrease bloating and headaches.  Pimples can be another side effect!  Just remember they are short lived and there are many over the counter medicines to help hide them!

Sometimes, our periods come when we’re least expecting it.  To make sure you’re always prepared to stay comfortable and fresh, stick a few Stay Free® products in your purse, backpack, gym bag, or locker.  My mom even keeps some in the glove compartment of our car!  Not a bad idea!  That way you’re always covered and don’t have to worry about unexpected visits!  Now you can rock those white jeans with no worries!

That’s all there is to it insiders! Start being care free by using Stay Free®!


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