I recently announced that I will be attending SocialCon in Chicago, IL this weekend, August 23-24!  I am so excited to be attending this event and can’t wait to meet all of the other talent there is on the web…and you, of course!  So, many of you may be asking yourself, “What is SocialCon?”  Don’t worry!  I’ll give you all the inside deets!Chelsea Crockett- socialcon

SocialCon is a way for you, as fans, to get up close and personal with your favorite YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook stars!  The two day event is jam packed with meet and greets, live performances, and a question and answer panel.  Three of the question and answer panels will be hosted by yours truly!  Talk about being nervous!  You’ll get the chance to talk to me and ask questions to your favorite web stars!  It’s such a great way for Viner’s and YouTuber’s to interact with their fans!

Check out the website below to see if any of your favorite stars are coming and to purchase tickets!  I hope to see you all there!

Love you Insiders!