Love makes us do silly things, am I right? We say things, do things, and even try things we never imagined we would! Here are 10 signs you are head over heels, goo goo gaga, crazy about a guy!

1.  You actually start paying attention to sports so that you can converse with him. You want to impress him and show you what a sports-savvy girl you are!

2. You let him have the last bite of your favorite dessert. And you did it with a smile on your face!

3. You keep it cool on social media. When you were younger and you got a boyfriend you gushed and bragged to all your friends, but now you know that relationships are between 2 people, not between 500 of your Facebook friends AND you. Yes, the occasional picture of you two together is to be expected, but you aren’t posting about him on the daily.

4. You start shopping for him more than you shop for yourself.

5. Every floor is a dance floor, even the Walmart isle! When you hear your favorite song you break out in dance together.falling-in-love-600x450

6. You show him you like him, even when he smells weird. What I mean is, after you guys work out or are outside doing things and you are both smelly and sweaty, you still give him a big ‘ole bear hug. Showing him that you like him even when he is a slippery sweaty mess means the world!

7. You aren’t afraid to ugly cry in front of him.

8. You spend 6 hours baking his favorite cupcakes (which is 6 hours you should have been doing homework) because you know he will be over the moon when he finds out you baked them just for him.  

9. You do everything you can to impress his family, because you know that the way to your boy’s heart is by being nice to his momma.

10. You listen to and laugh at alllllll of his bad jokes. And then tell him that he is just the funniest guy on the planet!

Does any of this sound like you? If so, you’ve got it bad girlfriend!

XOXO, Chels