You may be young and starting to enter the makeup world. Or maybe you want to switch to a new brand to save money or simply switch things up! Whatever the case may be, you need to know your skin. Buying new products can be dangerous if you don’t know if your skin is sensitive. You’re in luck because there are a few ways to tell:

  1. The easiest way to tell (obviously) is if the products you’ve already tried are accompanied by redness and stinging. Also, if you have an increase in acne and breakouts, avoid those products! Sometimes even avoiding the brand as a whole is your safest option.Chelsea Crockett - Clinique Foundation
  2. Another good, natural way to get to know your skin is to pay attention to how it reacts to the weather/sun. If your skin easily turns red and splotchy while being outside, then you’ll most likely react to insensitive products the same way.
  3. Wherever you go to buy your makeup, whether it be a drugstore or somewhere like Sephora or Ulta, a lot of products will have freebies or samples. This way you can try before you buy! If you see an immediate negative reaction, obviously your skin won’t react well to other products. A great brand for sensitive skin is Clinique. You won’t have to worry about redness or breakouts!

Good luck insiders! – Chels