For homecoming, us girls don’t only need a stunning dress and a fancy pair of heels, but a gorgeous hairstyle, as well! For prom, I usually like to go to a salon and have my hair fixed, but for homecoming, I like to try new ideas that I can style myself.  So… I decided to put together a few of my favorite looks.Chelsea Crockett - Loose Curls

If you have long hair, you might want to try some beachy waves with a wand! Take half of your hair in the front and pin it back with bobby pins. Be sure to tease the upper portion of the back of your hair. Make sure your waves are messy yet dressy like the style on the right!

Another look for medium to long hair is a lower messy bun.  You can leave some pieces out to frame around your face.  Tease the back of your hair slightly and wrap the hair into a messy bun.  I love to google images of messy buns and then reenact them on my own hair.  You can also find tutorials all over the internet to help you get just the right look!

For those of you with super short hair, headbands are really in and fun to add to your look. They can be casual or elegant.  Be sure to shop for a headband that matches your dress. They’re stylish and let you do something fun with your hair!

Whatever your look is, enjoy your evening!  High school goes by so quickly….make the most of it!

XOXO, Chelsea