If you’ve been keeping up with my channel, you’ve probably seen my recent video about how I’ve finally been able to clear my acne! Obviously, the face wash and moisturizer I use are key in doing so, but there are other simple pointers that I didn’t mention in my video that help a lot more than you think! Here are 3 major rules that will help make your acne disappear!

  1. Avoid touching your face. Continually touching your face throughout the day reapplies bacteria and germs to your skin. Chelsea Crockett - MakeupThink of how many different things you touch a day without even thinking about it. You then touch your face unknowingly of the bacteria transferring to your pores!
  2. Pay attention to the products you use on your face. Obviously the face wash and moisturizer you use is going to play a part in clearing your acne, but a lot of the time breakouts tie in with what makeup you use.  In my video, I talk about Cureology and how it helped my skin.  You can take a quiz and receive medication that’s perfect for your type of acne.  Check out my video for more details!  As for makeup, if your skin is sensitive, try Clinique or Bare Minerals!
  3. Maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water. You may think what you eat has nothing to do with your skin… WRONG! Foods with high concentrations of fat can clog up your pores in the long run. Obviously some McDonalds every once in a while won’t hurt, but diets with high amounts of fat will! Also, drinking water is beneficial for your whole body, including your skin! Be healthy and your skin will be too :)!

What “rules” do you follow when it comes to taking care of your skin? Let me know below!

XOXO – Chelsea