When I think of recycling, I immediately think of paper, plastic, and soda cans.  But turns out you can recycle your very own makeup products after you’re done using them!  Pretty cool, right?  Here are three different ways to recycle your products to make sure you’re getting the most out of them!

  • Depending on the brand of your makeup, you can recycle a certain number of empty containers for a brand-new product! Chelsea Crockett - MAC LipstickBrands such as M.A.C. for example will take six of your empty M.A.C. product containers and give you a free lipstick in return.  Look up a couple of your favorite brands and see if they offer any deals like this as well!
  • Be smart when you buy! If you care enough to put in a little research, see which brands make their product containers out of recyclable material.  Whether the product is made with glass, plastic, or another material, we can be smart about which products we can recycle and which have to go in the trash.
  • Think of how many products fall to the bottom of your makeup bag that go completely unused. I know for me, it’s a lot!  I encourage you to go through your bags monthly or every few months and find the products you have yet to open.  Odds are, if you haven’t opened them yet, you probably don’t need them! I encourage you to donate them to a women’s shelter nearby or find someone who would appreciate it more than you would!

Now you can start doing more than just simply using your makeup products!  Find a second purpose for them like the ones above! 🙂

Xoxo – Chelsea