Getting tired of your current look? Want to freshen things up? Here are 3 quick, simple ways to update your look! 

1. Switch up your hair color. Now this doesn’t mean dyeing it electric blue or getting purple streaks in it. What I mean is to make a subtle change, such as highlights or low-lights. A simple, cheap way of giving yourself natural highlights is to squeeze lemon juice on your strands! Once you have applied the juice, lay out in the sun and let the lemon juice do its work!Chelsea Crockett lemon highlights

2. Change up your part. If you normally part your hair on the side, then try sporting a middle part, or vice versa! By changing up your part, you are giving your hair a break from the normal routine. Try experimenting with different parts with different hairstyles to see which one looks best on you!

3. Work those brows. Did you know you can alter your entire look just by switching up your brow shape? Well it’s true! If you normally have rounded brows, you can pencil them in to have a straighter shape. By using a brow pencil you can make your brows into any shape you want! It is amazing how much your brows can alter your whole look.

These tips can give you a fresh new look for the new school year! All of these suggestions are super cheap, super easy, and super quick! Just all around super! If you have any questions about these tips, leave comments below!

XOXO, Chels