Hair bows should be a fashion staple in any girl’s wardrobe. Bows add innocence and class to any ensemble! There are a few choice ways to rock hair bows. Stay tuned to see how to flaunt em!

1. Up High:

The first way to wear them is with a sleek high pony! When you wear a pony tail plain, it can look kinda of boring. Kick boring to the curb by adding a hair bow! You can choose whatever size and color you want, whatever will complete your outfit!cf8dc143f579ce87cbc3ea115cfb9396

2. Down Low:

I love this look! it is so effortless. Just tease your hair and wrap it into a high bun, then add a clip-in bow to the bottom! Another way to spruce up your every-day bun is to french braid the back of your hair upside down, like the picture below, and then add a bow! So simple, so chic!fe82a11bfdb307f9c1ac7f532a90684c

3. Long and Lean:

This style works best with half-up half-down hair. Tease your crown, pull half of your hair up, then add a slender, long bow into the mix! This look is so classy, and by adding the bow you sprinkle in some pazaz and personality!Chelsea Crockett

What do you think, ladies? Think you will be adding hair bows to your routine? I hope the answer is “yes!”

XOXO, Chels