Hey insiders!

            There are many beauty guidelines that we all follow during the winter.  If a fashion magazine says something’s good for your skin, we automatically believe it, right? Have you ever wondered whether they’re actually benefitting us?  Here are a few winter beauty myths everyone should know!

  • Applying lip balm over and over again is good for your lips.  FALSE!  Continuously applying your chap stick can actually harm your lips instead of help them.  They contain an ingredient that tricks you into thinking you need more and more of it, whichChelsea Crockett - Neutrogena Moisturizer is also false.  Try out a lip serum or cream that repairs your chapped, wintery lips.
  • There’s no need for sunscreen during the winter.  FALSE!  Just because the temperature’s lower doesn’t mean your skin’s not soaking up the sun’s rays.  If you can, try using moisturizer with SPF.  Neutrogena carries an oil-free moisturizer with 15 SPF which is just enough to keep you protected.  The sun will hit you just as hard as it will in the summer.  Don’t underestimate the sun!
  • Staying indoors as much as possible during the winter will help your skin.  FALSE!  You need fresh air as much as possible.  Yes, too much cold air can dry out your skin, but over-heated indoors can as well.  Putting a humidifier in your room can add a little moisture to the air and help hydrate your skin.

                                    Hope this helped! – Chelsea